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Team Garcia needs your help.

Hi guys! *waves*

I know I don't post much anymore (I try but fail) but I hope you'll still help me out. We're having an "I Support" challenge at crimeland right now and it'd be super great if you guys would be willing to head over to our post and comment with an "I Support Team Garcia". That's it. Pretty easy huh? It'll take two secs max (now that LJ is working properly again). So please, if you have a second, comment. We've never won a case yet and so far we're in the lead this time.

garcia bright

Crimeland Secret Valentine

My Gift is for: sandersyager
My Gift includes: icons, fic, videos, one download, picspams
Fandoms included: Criminal Minds, NCIS, Hawaii Five-0 (I might have more for this fandom than the others combined), Supernatural, Multifandom (vids)
Warnings: Image and video heavy. Enter at your computers own risk.

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Amanda, Sanctuary, Criminal Minds

Bonus points to anyone that knows where the quote I used is from.

95 icons in the form of:

[21] Amanda Tapping
[22] Stargate
[25] Sanctuary
[22] Criminal Minds
[3] Burn Notice
[2] Star Trek ('09)

Some of these are old and some of these are new. I haven't made icons in almost a year so please be nice.


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Friends cut

Look a public post.

I'm going to be doing a friends cut tomorrow. I like to know my f-list but it feels like half of you I haven't spoken to in years or just don't know. I kinda already know who I'm keeping but if anyone wants to make sure I keep you, speak now or forever hold your peace. That being said, anyone I've added in the last couple of months won't be getting cut. I won't cut you until I get to know you lol.
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The Sanctuary Experience - Day 2: The Auction

This is just pictures from the auction. Panel pictures from Day 2 should be ready soon.

Just a quick note to say I love Gabit. I had the best seat ever. Seriously. I had a perfect view of the stage and there were no heads in my way. Plus aisle seat. Score!

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